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Tuxedo Rental the Right Way

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Hottest Trends Today in Fashion

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retro floral 2

Retro Floral Fashion

  When stripes, bobby prints, or monotonous shades sound such a cliché, floral prints imposes a fresh sassy look and along with floral fashion brings in a retro look which infuses a More »

40s fashion 4

Winter Trends For Women Over 40

  This is absolutely a new stage of life that you have just skipped into. But there are fashion queries always bothering you. What to wear and what not to wear at More »

What to wear to a family dinner?

family dinner outfit


Have got an invitation for a dinner party and you still could not fix what to wear? Well this is an obvious consequence when it is a family invitation. The whole family gets together so you must be very careful to choose your perfect outfit for the night. There are so many minute details you should be attentive about. The ensemble should be gorgeous yet not too dazzling, again classy but not dull and many more points to be remembered. The primary question that comes to your mind is whether to dress up in jeans or else slip into a pretty evening gown or a preferable neat formal look. Another important factor that adds to your confusion is the color of the dress you chose to wear.

family dinner outfit

For girls or ladies it is advisable to pick a long or short evening dress matching it with right accessories. You can also wear a pair of jeans with a good shade and top it up with a glitzy layered top. Make sure you wear stilettos or else solid colored pumps. They are just so in. Carry a sequined or simple clutch if you are wearing a dress. Choose a color for your dress that suits your personality. Don’t follow trends blindly. Hair and make-up completes your look so you just cannot be casual regarding that. Match dress with bit wavy hairs and light shimmery makeup. Again straight or curly hair added with scarlet red or fuchsia pink lips goes well with jeans and top. You can also opt for a pencil skirt which gives you a bit formal look yet chic. Don’t junk it with any accessories.


family dinner outfit 3

When it comes to men its more troublesome as men does not have as much as options as girls do. Anyhow for a family outing you can pair a nice branded trouser with full party shirts. Else a pair of jeans is always there to make you look casual. So you can pair good jeans with polo shirt or else any tee shirt with a dark colored sober blazer. Be attentive with your shoes as it can spoil or make your whole appearance. Narrow ending Boots with formals and converse or casual shoes with jeans goes well. Moccasins too are in this season. One tip for men: personality makes your appearance!!

Retro Floral Fashion

retro floral 2


When stripes, bobby prints, or monotonous shades sound such a cliché, floral prints imposes a fresh sassy look and along with floral fashion brings in a retro look which infuses a flamboyant appearance. Full-size flower prints in solid colors or petite flowers in variety of shades definitely going to hit this season. Fashion keeps on changing every moment every day yet floral prints are always in vogue. Presently floral sense inspired from the retro look rocking the fashion style statement, whether it is a floral chic dress or a simple shirt with big flower prints!

retro floral 2

retro floral 3

Flower fun and festivity sounds so synonymous and hence floral prints truly hold the essence of fun and festival altogether. Floral print mainly works for teenager to create an opulent panache! If we observe the trends of 1920s or 1930s or 1950s floral prints were always in fashion. In these current days we spot teenagers carrying off a bright floral shirt tucked with jeans even skirts with fresh flowers goes well with an elegant or halter neck top. To get a retro look from the past you must correctly know how to dress in the style of may accessorize your ensemble with junk jewelries or pair it up with a cardigan .Picking the right shoes for your floral print dress is important as it enhances the complete get up. Pumps, wedges flat, stilettos, platforms go well with these kinds of prints.

retro floral 4

retro floral

The best length for a floral skirt is perhaps just touching the knee length or extended below. A light cotton floral dress in the shades of light hues like white, green or blue is ideal for the sunny afternoons. If you have a perfect figure go for a slinky body hugging floral print outfit else carry off a loose dress with perfect élan. Else you can accessorize your floral look with a scarf around the neck. A popping yellow or coral sleek belt goes well along with floral prints paired with denims. Leather belts are also suitable. Maintain a low make up with a dash of peach blush on your cheekbones and you are ready to rock.

Winter Trends For Women Over 40

40s fashion 4


This is absolutely a new stage of life that you have just skipped into. But there are fashion queries always bothering you. What to wear and what not to wear at this age is definitely important. You are done with all your duties, have grown up your child and other priorities. Well this is the perfect time to spend for your own self and indulge into a good self make over. A bit of fashion consciousness and knowing what to wear, you can simply make it to another level. Winter trends are yet not so tough to follow! Whether its winter summer or spring, the initial thing to do is be attentive about is your body type. This may involve you throwing out your tight outfits, miniskirts or sometime lighten the shade of what you choose to wear. Even you might indulge in clearing your wardrobes and throw away your trendy clothes.


40s fashion 2

40s fashion 3

40s fashion 4

40s fashion

It’s a hard but real fact that in this age your skin looks dull; your body is reshaped in spite of your hard workouts. But what is important is to be yourself and you will still feel fresh and young as before. Spending more money on clothes is a good option; you can even go for tailored clothes which will fit you accordingly. For a winter party or warm up session you can dress up in long gown or flaunt a mid length skirt .make sure you have trimmed legs if you are planning to wear anything just above your knees. Also make sure not to wear sleeveless if you have sagging arms .in winter it’s not really necessary to reveal your skin so opt for a good blazer or a good jacket to pair it up with your ensemble. Stockings in variety of designs and colors are in fashion this season so just team it with your short dress or others. It’s obvious you just cannot dress up like earlier days so choose to be simpler and sophisticated. Accessories can work wonder for you at this age. Flaunting a good bag and pairing a good shoe can give you the complete look you craving for.

Look Good In Stripes

stripes 4


Be it ladies or gents, be it summer or winter , be it past or present stripes are always in élan and creates a bold appearance altogether. Stripes can be horizontal and vertical too. Vertical stripes give you a heightened look and you can experiment it in bright contrasting shades of color. Stripes in major color black and white are always outstanding and ‘out-of the box’. It is said horizontal stripes make u look fatter but if you can carry it well it’s never bad.


stripes 4


Stripes form the major part of a man’s wardrobe. All range of outfit for men including shirts, tee shirts, and formal shirts comes in a variety of stripes though the colors are limited in the shades of some chief colors. However one should not be much experimental with colors if you are not too confident to express your style. Stripes are the best possible answer to your dilemma of what to wear in an impromptu. Unlike block colors such as pure white, blue or others which look dull and boring, stripes are vibrant and peppy indeed. A stripe provides you a classy and sophisticated look which never fails to differentiate your style from others.

stripes 3

Girls do generally keep away from horizontal stripes as it gives a bit flabby look. However if you select your stripes keeping an observation between the stripe size and your body size, stripes can work well for you. Tall women can preferably go for big and wide stripes while short height girls can pick small sized stripe and females with medium height should opt for medium sized stripes. Choosing the right size of stripe actually creates a balance and enhances a perfect look. Other way you can carry your stripes is to team it up with layers. Teaming a striped tee shirt with a bright colored cardigan or blazers is in vogue this season. This helps to break the monotonous look as well. Else you can always play with colors to present a sassy look. Multi colored stripes or contrasting stripes alternating with each others are also trendy.

Fashion Trends For Summer 2013

summer fashion trends 2


Fashion is ever changing and fast so it is obviously essential to cope up with the latest trends or fashion in vogue. These days with the advancement of fashion to a large extent we never are meant to wait to grab those ensembles we watch in ramps or catwalks. The different fashion shows provides the platform for the designers to showcase their creativity. And we learn the perfect style statement to flaunt. With the transition from winter to spring, spring to summer, the evolution of trends also takes place. Uses of heavy cardigans in winters are replaced by sheer jackets with pockets in spring. Party collection adds embellishment and lots of sequins. Summer sees the outfit in light weight cotton without chunky pieces of jewelries .so before you adding  new collection to your wardrobes , make sure you are not unnecessarily clustering junk clothes which fail to stand up to the current style statement.


summer fashion trends 2

summer fashion trends 3

summer fashion trends

Summer is all about giving you a refreshing look. The trends that are in currently for summer 2013 include geometrical shapes and patterns in bold and bright colors. Else you can spot floral prints which are in vogue almost all through the year. Else lots of layers are added to the outfits to give it a different look altogether says a designer. Use of pastel shades like fuchsia pink, candy coral, bright yellow will hit the summer trend. And like usual light shades of blue, peach, pink etc will be in use to incorporate the required soothing look. To add more to the list smart t shirts with light shrugs and light-weight dress and tops with block-colors will are making a good entry. Skirts like always will be making a pretty style statement when teamed with the correct top. Else denim hot pants or cotton shorts will rule this summer. You can choose your shorts from a range of Bright colors to floral prints. Don’t forget to add a chic belt when you pairing your shorts with casual shirts or tops. Summer accessories will rock like as always and t-back vests are so very in this summer.

Most Important Fashion Tips of 2013

“Fashion can be very cruel. If you do not pay enough attention to her, she will leave you in the dust in seconds. Metaphor aside, it is quite hard to keep up with all the developments in fashion since they change so often. Each new season brings on new trends. In order to help you stay on track, we compiled here a list with the essential fashion tips of the year.

1. Get anything with peplum

It appears that peplum is the “hot thing” this summer season as it has made appearances on everything, from skirts to blazers. It does not matter what you wear, whether it is a tie dye dress or a chic top, you cannot go wrong with peplum (at least for now).


2. The one-tone look is in

If you are looking for a way to look stylish and professional at the same time, you should definitely consider getting a one-tone outfit. Pick the color of your choice, but make sure that the top and the bottom match. You can go a little nuts with the accessories if you feel like a one-tone outfit is too boring for you.

3. Ruffle a few feathers

The ruffle look seems to come and go every few years and, for the moment, it has arrived. You can find a variety of clothing items with ruffles, from simple dresses to skirts and blouses. This will allow you to select your clothing and choice and the one that fits your body best.

4. Retro is very popular

The retro look is typically always popular, more or less, but the popularity is sky high right now. Pick your decade of choice and scour the thrift stores looking for vintage clothes. This gives you a lot of freedom of creativity when it comes to picking out outfits, so make sure you take the time necessary in order to select only the clothes that fit your look.

5. Go casual with slogans

Some might think that you should not really pay that much attention what you wear when you are dressing casual, but the trends affect this area, as well. At the moment, T-shirts and sweaters with slogans on them appear to be all the rage. Make a statement and look trendy doing it with the help of these clothing items, just make sure that the slogan you select is representative of you.

6. Use black & white combinations

Every season has its own color combos that are more successful than the others and this time it appears to be a classic – black and white. Not everyone will be okay with using this combination, especially now during the summer when more visual and striking colors are preferred.

In order to get a better idea of what is in at the moment, you can visit There you can browse through a giant collection of different tops and bottoms, complete with accessories and footwear to fit any style you might prefer.

Cheap Shopping Choices

Thrift shopping is a great hobby to have since it not only helps you find clothing treasures but can also help you to save money at the same time. Since jean shorts are a new trend based on an older fashion trend I’ve been finding quite a few of those in the stores I’ve been shopping at recently. Those and very pretty swing dresses as well (you can get them from The hottest trends are just around the corner and I want to tell you about a few newer trends that are already hot and are sure to last throughout the rest of the year. Have you checked out the cute summer dresses section yet? There is a huge selection of them amoung stores’ dress sections. If you want to look super hot this summer (and I don’t mean from the weather), you should get some of these dresses into your closet as soon as possible. They are all beautifully made and come in a great variety of colors and styles. Don’t worry if you think you think clothes that no one else does, dresses come in all different kinds and there will surely be some that fit your stylish needs.


Make sure to go shopping with a friend! Everything is more fun when you can take turns trying on different clothes and seeing someone else’s individual style (or maybe just get matching dresses!). When it come to finding an awesome clothing outlet, there are tons of different places that you can look. If you don’t like the stores at malls around you, try online! If you’ve never shopped online before, you are surely missing out. Personally, I do almost all my clothes shopping online since I can not only usually find thing much cheaper than in stores, but also find unique clothes so that I never have to worry about matching with some random stranger. If you have a party coming up, make sure to try your best at shopping online since a unique dress is imperative to showing up at a party. No girl wants to be wearing the same dress when they go out unless they are best friends. There are tons of designer out there and I’m sure that you will find one with a style similar to yours. I dont really like any designer labels, I go more for a “genre” kind of look. Dressing alternative has kind of always been my thing, but maybe it’s yours too! In that case I suggest searching on a search engine for cool online shopping stores to sort through and find your next treasure! There are lots of different styles that maxi dresses come in and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one by searching a store near you. I’ve found a lot online that were one of a kind, literally. An artist tie dyed them and now they are beautiful and wearable works of art. Every type of clothing that you wear should be comfortable and never a struggle to get into (like some dresses). Make sure to take care of your body and it will take care of you right back. Thrift shopping can be very fun in groups since you can have a little competition about who finds the most interesting stuff first. You can have a low spending limit and still find a bunch of different things that you can purchase. I love saving money on clothes since it leaves me even more money for more clothes, haha!

Enjoy Life Even with a Tight Budget

It goes without saying that life in this world gets harder with each passing day and people should never take for granted all the blessings that are flowing into their life. In line with this, people should be wise with how they spend their hard-earned salaries from their respective jobs because there might come a time when they have to join the long line of unemployed and struggling folks out there. Making ends meet is quite trickier now than it was years ago because everybody needs to prioritize their needs over their personal wants and wishes. They need to pay all the bills and buy the bare essentials for survival before they can spend money on themselves and that is why a lot of people feel like they are living a senseless and dead-end existence. And this is exactly the reason why people also need to take care of their bodies and reward themselves for a job well-done.

For people who want to follow their innermost desires so that they can feel good about themselves especially when it comes to how they look and how others perceive them, they should get in touch with Beauty Encounter as soon as possible because it is the leading authority when it comes to vanity. All of their products are authentic especially their finest cologne collection from renowned brands and companies that enjoy loyal aficionados from around the globe. Even discontinued merchandise and wares that have been out of the production line for a long time can be found on their online shop because they know that they are in high demand to their customers.

Beauty Encounter also offer different kinds of makeup that serve various purposes for ladies out there who want to bring out their youthful glow and good looks. For those who want to enhance the fullness of their lips, this company offers lip gloss, lip liners and lipsticks of various shades and hues to go along with the color scheme of their fashion statement. And for people with short hair as well as long locks that are vibrant, healthy and full of life, Beauty Encounter also have shampoos, curling irons, conditioners, hair dryers as well as other hair care and treatment formula to suit all of their needs. And that is why the products and services of Beauty Encounter are not solely confined to genuine cologne and expensive perfumes out there.

Striking the perfect balance between working hard and relaxing with friends and family is important if people want to survive under the ailing economy and global financial crisis. It is now possible to enjoy life even with a tight budget because Beauty Encounter has everything that people need and for a very affordable price as well.

Attract the Ladies with Boosting Underwear

I have always know I’m a cool guy and that the ladies are wrong to be so seemingly turned off by me, but I didn’t know what to do about it. I begged them to go out with me, promising them a good time. I bought expensive cars and clothes to show how much money I had, thus guaranteeing my wives-to-be that I am a good date, that I know how to have a good time, and that I have a big stable income. To no avail! I was getting bummed and maybe even a little depressed. All that changed when I made the discovery of mens pouch underwear. I know what you’re thinking, underwear – something that isn’t even seen when you’re out and about on the town – can’t make any difference what so ever.


That’s not true, though, because this new mens padded underwear that they make helps enhance and emphasize your down there ness, your man hood, your package. Catch my drift? Once you do that in way that is not obvious (like stuffing a sock down there), women will be drawn to you in a way that you only hoped to find through some sort of expensive perfume or other such personal additions you can make. It’s amazing how much a difference such a little thing can make. You underwear – who knew? I wish I had an older brother to tell me this so that I wouldn’t have wasted so much time on stupid clothing and on a car that gets 15 miles to the gallon and actually looks pretty dumb at the end of the day. Well, I won’t spend too much time living in regret, I’m more interested in looking forward. You can do the same by visiting and getting yourself some of this amazing underwear I’m talking about.

Kim Kardashian, the fashion icon

She has been called the hottest T.V star, while some just like to think of her as a socialite looking to make money from rich celebrities. Either way, the fact still remains; Kim Kardashian does have a rocking sense of fashion and it looks like she is here to stay. Having Kanye West as her beau and a multi-million dollar series on E! to fund her, who can really stop this ambitious lady from expanding her territory in to the fashion world?

Well known for her unique yet seductive taste, Kim has been spotted over and over rocking python boots, crocodile bags and fox coats, talk about wild sense of fashion huh? So how does she always keep herself looking hot? Can she pull off anything and still look amazing?


Despite the fact that Kim Kardashian seems to have the most coveted body, she still has to keep things in check, make sure everything is in proportion. With a pear shaped body, Kim is often forced to go for darker and bold coloured clothes on the bottom so as to make her derriere somewhat proportionate to the body. This explains her overly black attires and the famous black leather tights that she is so fond of. Still, for a woman who is always under the gaze of the paparazzi, she likes to flaunt what she’s got. Rocking fitting dresses that show off her curves and killer heels to finish off the look is a trend Kim has become associated with.

Far from the clothing, Kim’s hairstyles have been known to turn heads on the streets. How does she pull them of? Well, for one, Kim definitely has the best makeup artist and hair professional to keep her looking like a goddess throughout. Other than this, she also puts her face shape in to consideration. Being the proud owner of an oval shaped face, Kim knows her fortes quite well and uses them to her advantage. Most of the time she likes to pull her hair back and reveal her well sculpted face which seems to work perfect for her.

Enough about her, going back to Kim Kardashian and the world of fashion, although Kim was not welcomed to the MET Ball, she’s actually sat for a V magazine shootout with Nick Knight. Judging by what such an exposure did to Choupette’s fame you can only imagine what will happen if Kim actually graces the cover of Vogue magazine. Having already been on the cover of reputable fashion magazines as W and L’Uomo we can only watch and wait to see if Vogue will be the next magazine that propels Kim to the next level in Fashion.

Kollection, the clothing line that belongs to her, is doing pretty well. Teaming up with Dorothy Perkins, the world renowned British clothing line, the Kollection clothing line is set to be available in 11 countries in the Middle East and Asia.

Call her a socialite or a beautiful woman who just wants it all, either way, she’s making her way to the fashion world and nothing can stop her.

What Kind of Jewelry Should I Get Her?

If you are wondering what kind of jewelry to get her, wonder no more! There are tons of examples in the los angeles jewelry district. There are plenty of jewelry stores in los angeles to choose from so you will no doubt be able to find exactly what you need. Talented los angeles jewelers can help to identify flaws and what jewelry you may be most interested in. Jewelry is a great way to make the girl of your dreams smile and really see that you appreciate her. Whether it is for her birthday, your anniversary, a holiday or just any old day, there are tons of different types of jewelry available if you’d like to dazzle her. You can surprise her with a sweet ring, perhaps one that is engraved with a special message that will only mean something to the two of you. If she isn’t into rings, you can always go with a cute bracelet. One of the best options bracelet wise is a charm bracelet, since most young girls fell in love with those as children and they are also highly customizable. You can start her out with a simple charm bracelet one year and add a charm for each year that you are together which can be very special. If she likes the idea of getting a necklace, you can be sure that the LA jewelry district has tons of those. Whether you want diamond, ruby, emerald or any other type of gem you can be sure to find a dazzling necklace. If you need something cheaper than you can visit the wholesale sections where you may be able to get a nicely sized discount. You can sometimes haggle with the owners as well, not to mention if you get your jewelry customized than you can easily put in whatever you want and take out anything that is too expensive. Remember, not all girls love diamonds so try and be observant to see what kind of gem she really likes. Get her something that she’ll fall in love with.


Shop Laser Light Projector Online

Most of the people buy only jewellery, clothes, shoes and accessories online. Buying mobiles, televisions, music systems and other electronics is equally safe. With the trust of branded companies also opening their market for customers online, there is nothing worth a tension now. You are assured safe delivery of the products. Customer care solutions are also available 24×7 for your convenience. Online shopping helps you save time and money which is extremely valuable in the busy and hectic life of today. You can avail great discounts easily. Most importantly, when shopping online for electronics, you get the products with latest technology. 1

We all know that projectors are very important nowadays, be it in schools, college or offices. They are required for giving presentations, reports and lectures. Buying a laser light projector is going to ease your task to a great extent. There are many kinds of projectors available in this category nowadays. You can get a portable projector or a nano one, depending on your needs.  You will be helped online with the various details that will help you decide the kind of projector that will suit your need. 2

Some of the shopping website may also give you a demo, free or paid according to their terms of service. To ensure a safe experience of shopping online, be sure to research about the brand that you desire to buy. For more details you can always check the website and read the frequently asked questions.  The services of these shopping websites is very good, your queries are answered as soon as possible.


Get An Even Tan: Top Sunbed Tips

Sunbeds are becoming ever more popular for many people who want to get a tan for two reasons. One, they’re unbelievably easy to use and two, they give you the best fake tan results, similar to those you would get through natural tanning – but with lower skin cancer risks. As good as sunbeds are there is one major downside to using them, which is uneven tanning. It’s a disaster to many tanners to have an uneven tan especially on their face. With this information you should be able to achieve a perfect tan on your sunbed every time.

Think About Your Position

Try lying as flat as possible on the tanning bed to ensure that as much of your body as possible is getting tanned. Many people don’t realise that rolled up body parts will get less light which will result in less tanning. If you don’t know what to do or the tanning bed feels strange, ask the tanning salon attendant to give you directions on how best to lie down and get the whole of your body properly tanned.

Use The Right Lotion

It’s smart to invest in some tanning lotion if you’re serious about getting a complete tan on the bed but it doesn’t end there. You should learn how to evenly apply the lotion on your body so that one part doesn’t get darker than the other when you come out of the bed. This is why going with a friend or family member to the tanning salon can be very useful and practical. The two of you can help each other get the tanning lotion on hard-to-reach body parts to help you get the results you want.

Eye Protection Plays A Part

Eye protection during sunbed tanning is a safety precaution any tanning enthusiast should always be aware of. However this can lead to goggle strap lines appearing on your face. So how do you avoid this? There are eye protectors available that are not connected to straps but are placed directly on the eye. Fine, it might still produce some rings around the eyes when closed but that is much more preferable to white strap lines. You can get this type of eye protector online or buy them at your local tanning salon.

Rotate Yourself

If you take a look at regular tanners you may notice that one side of their body gets a better tan than the other. Normally it’s the part closer to the opening that gets the less tan. If you want to get a perfect tan your best option is to change your position each time you go tanning. That means that if you tan every month and you lie on your back, try lying on your stomach the next time you visit.

The most difficult parts of the body to get tanned in sunbeds are the arms, armpits and neck. To get your neck tanned try throwing your head back instead of covering it with your chin. Armpits can be effectively tanned when you place your hands behind your head while lying on your back and of course you will need a wide tanning bed to make this possible.


Where I Get My Tattoo Supplies

I find all of the tattoo supply needs I have like tattoo gun kits and practice skins and ink I am used to doing all my tattoo supply purchasing in person, at a store with a bearded man in the back who grunts at me when I’d rather be making small talk. Don’t need to deal with that anymore. I found this website now, and I can do all the ordering of supplies with ease, from my home computer while cooking dinner, or even on my phone while out with friends enjoying a beer and some rock and roll. That’s frankly one of my favorite things to do, after a long day behind the needles, focusing so intently on what I’m doing, making sure the lining and the shading is just right. You don’t want to mess it up, it’s permanent, and it’s someone else’s body. I love to go meet up with a bunch of buddies down at the rock club and just listen to some guitar solos. Even better is when it’s my friends playing and they let me sit in. I’m not much of a shredder but I do know my chords, so it’s a blast just to be on stage, plugged in, and rip a Rolling Stones jam or something. But that’s why it’s great to be a tattoo artist and get to live a free and easy life. It’s so much easier now, too, that I don’t have to worry about where to get my supplies, or if I’m getting ripped off by spending too much. I never liked the idea of shopping in person, I’m much more of a online shopper, seeing what I want, clicking on it, checking out, being done with the whole thing. Fits my way of life much better.

Kendall and Kylie: Sisters For Life

Keek since its inception, as a social networking platform for teens and young adults provides its users a unique opportunity, the opportunity to share their life, with the youth from around the world. How is that different from any other websites? Unlike YouTube or Daily motion, here the videos you upload have to be yours and yours only.

Kendall Jenner has been one of the most regular users of this site, uploading videos capturing moments from her daily life from time to time. This gives the world a chance to take a peek into her celebrity world. She has over nine lakh sixty five thousand five hundred and thirty eight followers and a total of two lakhs twenty two thousand five hundred and sixty one subscribers. This goes to show how popular she is.

One of the biggest reasons for her popularity is the fact that she is the half-sister to the Kardashian siblings. Kendall is usually known to make public appearances with her younger sister and the second daughter of Bruce and Kris Jenner, Kylie.  The two Jenner sisters have taken the teen world by storm and share a unique relationship, and this has transpired in the numerous shows which they have hosted and fashion magazine covers and photo-shoots which they have done together.

Kendall is very popular amongst young boys of her age group; this is not a surprise for she is very pretty and knows how to carry herself. She has been appreciated for her style sense and is an example for many American teen girls.  Kylie has an amazing fashion sense too. In spite of being so similar to her elder sister, she has managed to carve out her own niche in the American TV and fashion world. She is equally popular like her sister Kendall.


Tuxedo Rental the Right Way

Renting a tux is not difficult, but there are a few things to keep in mind as you go through the process. Tux rental involves a variety if things like knowing which style is going to work best for you and about the process related to returning it when you are done using it. Knowing the dos and don’ts of renting a tux will help to ensure that the process goes smoothly for you.

Do Not Wait Until the Last Minute

When renting a tux there is always a chance that you will need it altered in some way. For example, the pants could be a tad bit long and these need to be hemmed to fit properly. If you wait until the last minute you run the risk of not having time to get the necessary alterations done. You are spending a decent buck to rent this tux and you are renting it because you want to look your absolute best so get it in advance and be sure that it does you justice on your big day.

Do Get the Right Style

A tux is not just a tux. There are several different styles available and not all of them will fit you well. You want to try on several different styles to see what fits you and your personality. Many people who do not wear tuxes go for a traditional style and this is always a good idea. However, if you are having a theme wedding, then something a little more unique could be the perfect fit. Know your wedding theme and then try on a variety of styles to see which works best. Once you choose the right style, make sure that you can put it all on. A tux requires more items than a basic suit, so allow the sales associates to show you exactly how to properly do all of those buttons and clasps.

tux tie

Have a Return Plan in Place

When you rent a tux, you will almost always need to return it the next day. Now, if you are planning to leave the reception and go straight onto your honeymoon like many people do then you need to arrange for a trusted friend or family member to return your tux for you. Make sure that this person can easily get to your tux and get it back in time. You also want to be polite and ensure that your tux is all in the bag and ready to be returned so that your friend doing you a favor does not have to spend time finding all of the pieces.

Hottest Trends Today in Fashion

January is officially over, which means we are inching closer to Spring and many designers are coming out with revealing and trendy styles. StyleMagazine already has a head start, predicting the Top Fashion Trends of 2013.


Whether it’s a bright shirt or just a mix match of polka dot and stripes, consider contrasting your outfit. You don’t have to get too carried away but contrasting different styles can add some unique flair to your outfit.

2.Ruby Rd

Get fashionable without spending an arm and a leg. Ruby Rd’s traditional floral attire is still among the top items in fashion this season. Other items of interest include the Ruby Rd printed weaved tops, as there are a variety of prints and styles to choose from, each unique to suit your particular style or persona.


3.Back Packs

Students or back packers have a nice line of options when it comes to convenience and style this season. The NorthFace continues to dominate the backpack scene, selling almost half of all backpacks sold in the US with its partner company Jan Sport. The NorthFace remains a popular brand in the outdoor and camping scene, and among people who live in colder climates.

4.Bermuda Shorts

The comfy look is back all the way from the slouchy girl style at home to the runways, Bermuda shorts will be popular in the spring season of 2013. According to Glamour the slouchy, laid back look will hit the New York runways this season. This style is flattering for women; regardless of their personal style preference it’s family friendly and stylish.

5.Black and White is expecting to make a come back in the fashion world this upcoming spring. Black and white outfits can be worn all year round and mixed with other and accessories.


These are just some of the top fashion trends that are expected to emerge this upcoming spring. Whether you are a student, mom, or backpacking from one country to another, these fashion tips can apply to just about any woman this upcoming season. As always, feel free to explore your fashion identity by trying new things, as your style can speak words about who you are as a person. That’s why it’s important to always stay on top of your game when it comes to current and future fashion trends.